Need Help for PSD slicing

how can i slice PSD fof website .I need some good suggestion about it .:rolleyes:

[font=verdana]In a word … don’t.

If you try that route, you will end up with a rubbish website that is awful to use for large numbers of people.

Read a previous discussion on the matter for more reasons why.[/font]

I have to respectfully disagree with my esteemed colleague, Steve D.

“Correcting” what he said, a PSD that was made w/o proper intention or knowledge of web design will surely make a mess of things. This however is less the fault of the PSD graphics than the LACK OF FORESIGHT by designer and client.

Once a WELL THOUGHT OUT design is constructed, the technical of slicing CAN BE (tho not always) as simple as SLICE FROM GUIDES and SAVE TO WEB.

After that of course you can will use the HTML/CSS you planed the design around to just import the images as element BGs, pseudo elements, etc.

To add on to this, if you’ve never sliced a PSD before, there’s several tutorials on the Web that you can check out. Just google slicing a PSD or PSD to HTML slicing.

The one I’ve used in the past is: but obviously, you would either need to know a little CSS/HTML coding or have a program like Dreamweaver to help you code it for your site.

Hello there how you are you guys. Actually i have a best source in which you can get psd slicing overview and also learn. here is the source:

here is a simple video of how to slice an image.

I don’t recommend slicing anymore either. It is old fashioned and you’ll end up with people seeing different parts all jumbled up on your site. You’ll want to try new software that takes that PSD and convert it straight into proper coding for you. SiteGrinder is a good example and it comes with add-ons that optimize the coding for popular CMS’s like WordPress.