SitePoint icon is displayed oddly in Firefox

Hi there peeps,

I have just noticed that the SitePoint icon…

… is displaying oddly in Firefox’s tab…


There is no display problem in my other test browsers.

The testing was carried out using Windows 7.

I will now test Firefox’s rendering on Linux Mint.


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I’m glad that’s happening to someone else. smile

I’ve been seeing that issue since yesterday (it displays the Discourse logo, not SP’s), but when I mentioned it in the staff area, nobody else could reproduce it.

Firefox 69.0 on Ubuntu Linux 19.04.

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Hi there TechnoBear,

I have just returned form my visit to Linux Mint - ( up to date and Firefox 69.0 ) -
and here is the result…


This, then, is certainly a rather unusual problem.:shifty:


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What file is it loading for the icon when you get the Disqus logo? Did the request 404?

I’m trying to replicate it myself, but my Firefox is being a good boy.

Hi there m_hutley,

I have noticed two things in my search for a reason…

  1. when I refresh the page with the F5 key the SitePoint logo briefly appears
    before being overcome by @TechnoBear’s Disqus logo
  2. when I disable javascript the SitePoint logo appears correctly.

Number #2 would sugest that it is a rogue javascript file. :biggrin:

Which one, you may well ask. :winky:

There were, at the last count, a total of 42 from which to choose. :wonky:


Yeah… it’s going to be a pain to find, but your Network graph should show the image file being loaded out of (or…
If you can locate the filename, then the javascript search becomes much easier…

Not sure if this is what you wanted:

For me, that returns the correct SP logo, not the discourse one…

I know. It shows the correct logo if I hover over it, but that’s not what is displaying on the page. upsidedown


I believe that @TechnoBear’s link has been truncated. :eek:

It should read…

…and produce this…


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No, with a sneaky edit, @TechnoBear has actually removed it altogether. :rofl:


So this URL snakes out of the following function:

faviconChanged: function faviconChanged() {
  if (Discourse.User.currentProp("dynamic_favicon")) {
    var url = Discourse.SiteSettings.site_favicon_url;

    // Since the favicon is cached on the browser for a really long time, we
    // append the favicon_url as query params to the path so that the cache
    // is not used when the favicon changes.
    if (/^http/.test(url)) {
      url = Discourse.getURL("/favicon/proxied?" + encodeURIComponent(url));

    var displayCount = this.displayCount;

    new window.Favcount(url).set(displayCount);

Which originates from Line 8548.

It would seem something is triggering this function and pointing to a URL that contains a cached icon…

EDIT: At this point, we’re probably beyond my ability to decipher , and will require either someone with server access, or a Discourse engineer to debug.

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You must have the patience of a saint, to be able to seek all that out. :rofl:


Nope. I have the power of Ctrl-F! :wink:

(Go to Sources, search for “file:* proxied”, and you’ll find it pretty quickly.)


You’re being too modest! :winky:

Hell would have frozen over before I found it. :unhappy:

Having said that, I wouldn’t have searched
for it any further than I did in post #5

My original post was only made to point out
the oddity, rather than seek a cure and, to be
honest, I am quite happy to live with or without
icons, be they right or wrong, in the browser tab. :biggrin:


Perhaps, but the more information that the SP staff can give to a Discourse engineer to diagnose/advise them, the faster it can get resolved.

That is true, but might the problem be Firefox’s rather than Discourse’s ?


It might, but the person to tell us that would be someone who can validate the behavior.

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Yes, sorry. I realised it had been cut off in its prime, but I was going out and didn’t have time to faff around looking for it again. Thanks for posting the correct link.

I don’t know if this helps. It’s a Firefox extension, which also shows the Discourse logo:


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Hi there TechnoBear,

the problem oddity persists, for me, with all add-ons disabled. :wonky:

Interestingly though, I remembered that I had a Firefox portable
version on my p.c. and so I started and updated it to 70.0be.

Guess what, it displayed the SitePoint logo correctly on the tab. :winky:

As the present version of the normal version is 69.0 perhaps it’s
future update(s) will resolve the problem oddity. :biggrin:


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