Navigation Icon Not Showing Up

Hey Guys,

Working on my portfolio…

In the far right my navigation icon is not showing up its suppose to be the hamburger icon.

If I open the source file on my desktop it works perfectly.

Also on FireFox when you click on one of the portfolio pieces then click on the top left image the logo to go back it brings you back but doesnt show any of the items now, any reason why FireFox does that?

Any ideas why?



First of all, I’d suggest you validate your HTML, because you have at least one problem there:

    <div class="logo">
    	<a href=""><img src="" alt="Fuzzy Panda - Portfolio of Michael Mania-Bond"></a>
	<body class="cbp-spmenu-push">

In Firefox, I can only see your portfolio items with Javascript disabled. As soon as I enable it, everything other than your logo vanishes. If validating doesn’t solve the problem, then maybe that’s the next place to look. :slight_smile:

I decided not to go with the push menu but just with basic menu since it is only three page but still having issues in firefox when you goto one of the portfolio items then back to main page and nothing shows up.

Thanks TechnoBear,

I validated my HTML but still noticing that same issue.

Any ideas?

Clear cache and try again? Because I can’t reproduce the problem now on Firefox - it’s working fine for me. :slight_smile:

I don’t have that problem with Firefox on my PC. Click the logo to return to the home page and all of the items on the home page DO appear.

When you return to the home page and they don’t appear, have you tried reloading the page at that point?

As always… another reminder to Validate your HTML before reporting problems.

Hey guys,

Weird how my FireFox keeps doing it on my Mac.

I cleared my cache and tried again when I go to page first time they all appear but then navigate to About or Contact then try to go back to main page/portfolio and none of the items still show.

Even when refresh/reloading the page still no items show unless I close FireFox then reopen it.

If you type in the direct URL to the image, then F5 it (or clear cache), does that then work?

The problem is JavaScript related. I browse with JS disabled and the images appear nicely. When I enable JS, they disappear. After launching afresh, they appear with all of the fancy effects. Might want to move this to the JS forum.

EDIT: after trying again a few times, I still do not see that problem on my PC. Changing to a new page, then navigating back to the home page via the logo button, shows a “normal” looking home page with all items visible. Don’t know what to say… it works in FF and Chrome on my PC. Maybe it’s not JS… maybe it’s Mac specific.

In either case, I have to bow out. I have no Mac and am not JS fluent.

Hi Ryan,

Unfortunately, theres no F5 on my keyboard as I’m on a Mac.

Any idea where in the javascript this could be happening it was working fine locally until I uploaded files onto the server.

Sometimes it seems to work and most of the time it doesnt.

Works fine in FF Mac for me, under all the conditions described above. I can’t reproduce it.