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Can I submit HTML sitemap in Google webmaster? This is correct or not?


I believe Google like an xml sitemap and Bing likes a text or html one. You can have all three on your site.


So I dont need to submit HTML in Google webmaster. Rt?


You don't need to submit a sitemap at all, in any format.

The great thing about Google is that there are very comprehensive help documents available. This tells you all you need to know about building and submitting a sitemap, including which formats you can use:


No you shouldn't submit sitemap.html to Google but you need to submit sitemap.xml. There are many free xml sitemap generator tool available in the internet so create one using anyone of them, then upload .xml to public_html folder and then submit that .xml to Google


Apologies, I've not seen that topic was posted 2 months ago. I hope this has been sorted out.


You should submit sitemap.xml in Google Webmaster Tools since Google loves such file. Nowadays, no one submits HTML sitemap as this method is not good.


Just Submit sitemap in the XML format that would be easy for google to crawl.

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