Submitting SiteMap to Google Webmaster tools Problem

I was trying to submit my sitemap to google webmaster tools.

it returns the following error :
Sitemap is HTML
Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead.

Any way to fix it ?

Sitemaps need to be XML.
You could use a generator to create a sitemap:
Or a plugin, if you are using WordPress or some other CMS:

I have try but that is not solve Please see the Video and Given some Advice to solve this problem


Thank you

From the plugin’s support

Google Webmaster Tools reports “Sitemap is in HTML format”

That happens from time to time and is an issue in Google Webmaster Tools. Try to resubmit your sitemap and wait, normally it goes away after some time.

Looks to me like the OP is using Yoast WordPress SEO.
A quick Google search turns up several results which indicate this problem is due to caching plugins.
If you clear any caching plugins you have and wait a while, then it usually sorts itself out.
It doesn’t seem to me that you are doing anything incorrectly."Your+Sitemap+appears+to+be+an+HTML+page"

Also, way to demonstrate your problem :tup:

in google webmaster tools go to crawl and submit your sitemap for indexing and then try again i.e if u are using input sitemap.xml
another thing that websites gives u many formarts for ur sitemap from sitemap.xml, sitemap.html be sure to download the correct file

As the OP’s video demonstrated, and as mentioned already in the topic, the sitemap was in the correct format and the error lay with GWT, not anything the OP was doing. As it’s now been over two months since they last posted, I think it’s safe to assume the issue has been resolved.

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