The importance sitemap and robots.txt for seo

have should use robots.txt and sitemap for seo?What is the effect not?
what is the importance of robots.txt and sitemap in seo?


If you don’t want crawlers to crawl some of pages or folders, you can define disallow in robots.txt file.

Sitemap is to inform crawler about all the existing pages in website. so it will be good for crawling and indexing.

Yes you should use sitemap because it is for fast crawling and indexing. robots.txt is for restricting crawlers to crawl pages/folders and you can also put link of sitemap there.

robots.txt helps you restrict indexing of pages that you do not want to.

sitemap helps with internal linking.

both helps with seo of your website in direct and indirect ways.

Also submitting it to WebmasterTools will get your pages often indexed faster.

robots.txt file which is used to restrict search engine bots to crawl web pages. XML site map is used to crawl your website frequently

A well written robots.txt file helps improve search engine rankings by providing important information to the search engine bot.

Sitemap will assist web crawlers in finding and accessing the pages frequently.

Using sitemaps has many benefits, not only easier navigation and better visibility by search engines. Sitemaps offer the opportunity to inform search engines immediately about any changes on your site. Sitemap will assist web crawlers in finding and accessing the pages.The use of Sitemap becomes doubly important if the site has pages that can only be accessed through user entry. Sitemap will assist web crawlers in finding and accessing the pages.

Sitemap is really worth for telling crawlers the pages existing in your website. Also robots.txt is important to restrict the crawler to not to crawl a particular page.

Robot.txt is useful to disallow crawlers to crawl your page, you can set the pages you dont want to crawl. And site map is useful to tell robots about your webpages and their connections.


How to prevent google image to index images on the web.

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When a search engine crawler comes to your site, it will look for a special file on your site. That file is called robots.txt and it tells the search engine spider, which Web pages of your site should be indexed and which Web pages should be ignored.If you don’t format your robots.txt file properly, some or all files of your Web site might not get indexed by search engines.

When any spider or robot from any search engine comes to your website then Robots.txt file works as a traffic police, it gives direction to the spider that where to go and where not. It will give direction to the spider to index your file. If any searchbot or robot is disallowed by your Robots.txt file then the bot will not index your file so you should allow all the search engine robots to index your website for getting better result in search engine optimization.

Submitting site map on Goggle can help you to get quick indexing benefits for your website while Robots.txt can instruct Google bots to visit a page of your site or not.

Robots.txt file is what tells the search engines which pages to access and index on your website on which pages not to. For example, if you specify in your Robots.txt file that you don’t want the search engines to be able to access your thank you page, that page won’t be able to show up in the search results and web users won’t be able to find it. Keeping the search engines from accessing certain pages on your site is essential for both the privacy of your site and for your SEO. This article will explain why this is and provide you with the knowledge of how to set up a good Robots.txt file.

If a page can only be accessed through user input, why would you want search engines finding it? :confused:

how we can create robot.txt files.?

Notepad, or any other text editor of your choice.

Using robot.txt is the fastest means of geting indexed by search engines and you can also define what is indexed or not within the file.

Every time when a site is crawled by the search engine, first the bot check for the access control with the robot.txt file. Because robot.txt keeps the bot away from accessing certain pages that should not be crawled and indexed by search engine.
XML sitemap helps the search engine to know about how often the pages are updated which in turn improves the crawl rate.

actualy i am asking about the process of creating robot.txt files. can you suggest.??