Sitemap.xml file?

What is the sitemap.xml file?

It is a software that is use to make a website.

I wouldn’t say it is a software and definately is not to make a website. It is just a file with a map of your site (that is, a file that lists the structure of your site and main navigation)
It is used for SEO purposes (makes the life of crawlers easiers) and also it is helpful with big, complicated websites in order to offer the user a view of how the site is organized so he knows where to look for the information he wants

It is the file that you have to add in your website to add your website in google webmaster tools so the google crawlers can know your website and index it in google. You can easily make this on different online platforms free and add it in your website by following some simple steps.

Sitemap.xml file is for crawlers and if you are using sitemap in your website it becomes easy for crawlers to crawl your website.Sitemap.xml file is for crwalers and Html sitemap is for human beings to navigate a website .

If you want more details do reply…Thanx :slight_smile:


Agreed on this. If your sitemap i full of bad pages or old pages then google may show it in you sitelinks. Happened to me :slight_smile:

No, it’s not. You don’t need a sitemap.xml to add your site to GWT - or for any other reason. If your site is fairly small and easy to navigate, bots will find your pages and index them perfectly well without one.

it is a coding file what you upload to give a direct sitemap to Google or any other search engine. If you give perfect sitemap than your site search result will be increasing fast.

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