Site/Page Storyboarding software?

Does anyone know of a tool to rapidly storyboard a website - from page flows to individual page designs/layouts? I want something to use to show to end-users during the planning/designing process of their site and forms… I’m NOT looking for the Homesite-like programming tools out there that build code or autogen an entire site from the design. I just want a free-form tool that’s something like Visio (but less cumbersome) for quick dragging and dropping/resizing web elements onto a page as well as showing the flow of an entire site, and be able to save it to a file that I can email the end-users… Thanks!

Hmmm… good question. I’d be interested in that, too.

me 3 :slight_smile:

Mind manager may be of some use

Thanks for the response! I checked out that mindjet site - MindManager looks awesome for electronically brainstorming and sharing that info (I’m definately going to look at it more for that!), but I’m not sure it will also do the mockup part - which is really what I’m needing at this point. I’ve continued to search and found this site the other day: -I haven’t looked into it yet, but so far, this is the only one I’ve found that seems to be able to do what I’m looking for… Keep the ideas coming and thanks again!


denim looks cool :slight_smile: thanks for the link!

BTW I use smart draw at work for quick floor plans. Great app…

Denim does look pretty cool - I’ll have to go shopping for a tablet now!

Corel Draw or Freehand have tools for flowcharting, but they’re not exactly the quickest, simplest tools for the job. But at least they give you something ‘presentable’ you can show your client.

I was looking for a similar app when I came across this old thread. I thought this would help people who encountered this and were looking for something similar:

They have an HTML feature and pagelayout capabilities, I used the higher end one to collaborate on a recent media project.

I found this surfing the web the other day and it looks very useful:

Yeah - it looks pretty fantastic actually… until I saw the price. Ouch! Bigger firms could no doubt afford that - but it’s alittle out of reach for me, I’m afraid!

There’s a 30 day trial to download, but I didn’t, cause then I’d probably want it :bawling:

I use [b]SmartDraw Professional[/b] to do all my storyboarding, site maps, even network diagrams. It’s a really flexible program and they offer a ton of templates for free that you can use. Very well worth the price.

Also great for making flowcharts and organizational charts as well…