Website planning softwhare?

Hello everyone, Thanks for reading…

My question is: What software do professionals use to draw up design plans and visual concepts for webpages? I need to describe functions,links,color schemes and graphics to a freelance web designer… I used to screen capture, cut & paste bits out of different sites in an attempt to convey what features and functions I needed. but I get the feeling there’s obviously a proper way to draw up schematics that allows you to show and tell the designer what ideas you have? Like blue printing software and concept design…

Any thoughts and tips are appreciated

What you’re explaining to me is exactly what I still do. However I am a web designers so I do most of the graphics, but in my preparation stages with clients I’ve often just used the old pen and paper to draw up interfaces. Then I’d go onto the computer and design some concepts in photoshop. So I guess to try explain to another individual on what you’re trying to create, then examples of other websites functions, as well as something drawn up by hand could be an okay idea. Hope I’ve helped somewhat.

Thanks for your input, I’ve often wondered how people create graphics, especially for websites and desktop wallpapers, guess photoshop has been the longest standing and most comprehensive graphics tool available to developers, Adobe also had something called fireworks which had been my favorite since CS3, so yeah you’ve basically confirmed that I’m still headed in the right direction.

cheers again

Absolutely. Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator are all solid programs. Love them all for their different uses.

No doubt adobe Photoshop is one and only the best tool/software in the present market, to creating images, wall papers, graphics and those are can be used in website,apps or in desktop platform.

We tried a bunch of online tools, but ultimately found doing this in illustrator to be just as fast and more flexible.