CSS Problems with site

Hi everyone, I was working on my portfolio site and I ran into some problems when I switched over to IE. If you wanna take a look the site is:


I’m curious to know what it could possibly be, I really don’t want someone to find the exact problem even though it would be nice its not necessary, perhaps maybe though a solution though.

The problem is the scrollbar on the side shows up under IE and when I scroll down it shows the grass image end. When I set that image background in the css I did set it to bottom, but idk too much.

Any thoughts? I’d really appreciate it, thanks so much.

No problem about not posting the code, the live link you posted is just as good.
Most of us use Firebug or WebDev extensions to debug live code.

Glad it worked out for you. :slight_smile:

Ha, thanks a lot man, I’m surprised I didn’t catch that sooner, I should of provided css code for your convenience, but I appreciate it.

Remove the min-height:600px from #wrapper and IE will render as FF does.

You have hidden the scrollbars with overflow:hidden anyways so min-height is not really doing any good there.

The code is working in IE7.

I suspect that the scrollbar being produced in IE8 using height:100% & min-height:600px along with overflow:hidden is related to IE8’s min-height bug.