Site Broken - Items missing

I’m not sure why but a lot of the items on my webpage disappeared the other day. It’s looking quite blank now. Does any one have any idea why?
When I highlight the site, I can see some of the the hidden items.

Looks like your background image may be missing. The URL for it doesn’t load.

According to the Web Developer Toolbar, there are seven broken images on that page:

7 broken images


So the first thing to do is check that the filepath is correct and/or re-upload those images. (I don’t use Wordpress, but “Downloads” seems like a strange place to keep site content. Shouldn’t it be in “assets” or something similar?)

Thank you both. That worked and yes I agree that Downloads is a strange folder name!

I saw your hosting slow, so go change, because it affects Seo and user experience, you should footer shrinks, organize the content more reasonable, should balance such columns web would look better

You can see the picture below to see that your code is not optimal, you do not have a sitemap file, and can describe incomplete, lacking robots.txt file, you should correct them, to be known you need to care little for the content, avoid using fonts harder to read.