Images All Of A Sudden Disappeared!


Can anyone help me, the images have all of a sudden disappeared on my site.

Its been there since Nov and within past couple weeks lots of images don’t show up but they do show in the code.

Here is the link…

If you scroll down a bit to Project Gallery there should be a bunch of images.

As well if you click on one of the main six Projects the images in there are gone as well.

I’ve tried to get other support for this but has been no help.

Hopefully someone can lend a helping hand.



Where are the images hosted?

The images are at
I checked and they do exist where the src and srcset attributes say they should be. :confused:

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The project gallery is ABOVE the words project gallery. Odd, but they are there. The clicked on items were completely blank when I looked at them (at least I didn’t have them when I used inspect element)

It’s a bit of a mystery.
I did notice there are quite a few validation errors, but I don’t think that explains the images not showing.

Unless it relates to the #images-row ID which is duplicated. I don’t see any reference to it in the css. I don’t know if the js uses it at all.

@mbond5, did you just fix the problem?

The alternate, smaller-than-massive, image sizes now exist.

I think they all always existed. But they are still not showing. It doesn’t make any sense.

Yeah, I see that they are not showing, now. But I tried several times to view the smaller images and only saw the largest size, then suddenly the smaller ones appeared. Maybe it’s my browser. :shrug: Yep, my page file memory is maxed. I need to reboot. I’m gonna stretch for a bit, too.

As well as the validation errors mentioned by @SamA74 there is an error in the jquery.js

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .mobile_menu > ul > li.has_sub > span.mobile_arrow, .mobile_menu > ul > li.has_sub > h3, .mobile_menu > ul > li.has_sub > a[href*=#]

There is also a warning in player.js

Hi Guys,


I ended up getting the main page fixed but now the inner Project pages having an error and even though in the backend the images show the frontend dont even see the code for it.

Here is link for an example…

How did you manage to do this?

There must be a template problem because the only content there is under the div with the image_not_responsive class (which is set to display:none)

I just repaired the database and downgraded to older version of Wordpress and seemed to work. I’m not that knowledgable at this stuff but was just trying stuff that seemed to work

I don’t use WordPress, but is that not a security risk?

Yes it is - all WordPress updates should be installed immediately if not sooner as most are providing security patches to known security holes.

I must say that I think you need to find someone who is knowledgeable in this stuff as just tinkering could make a bad situation even worse. There are multiple issues with the site and they need to be addressed.

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