Images not showing up

I am stumped. The images on this site are not showing up. When I “preview in browser” from Dreamweaver they look fine in all browsers. I have also moved it to a different server and still no images.

Here is the link.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

I assume you fixed it as the page you linked to is mostly images.

Oops, sorry, wrong link. Here it is:

You have hotlink protection enabled on the images folder with it set up in such a way that the main folder is not one of the locations that you allow to access the images. You need to change the hotlink protection so as to exclude the main folder from being blocked.

You probably haven’t uploaded the images to the correct directory as they aren’t listed or you wrote the wrong path DW might have a different directory structure.

That’s odd—didn’t even know that was there. Thank you!

Hi, to remove your problem, check the path of all images stored in folder or check hot linking if you are using external images on your website.