Single Sign On

Hi all,

I am developing a website whereby three systems are all in use for different parts of the site. I use Wordpress, PHPBB3 and a Marketplace program called Geodesic. All three of these systems are installed on the same domain/server and each of them have their own SQL Database on the server.

I need to create a login script that will log me in to all three at the same time.

Where do I start?

This may get you on the right path: WordPress › PHPBB Single Sign On « WordPress Plugins


Thanks - I knew that plugin was around. I was thinking about that for the PHPBB side of it. It’s mainly the shop that I need to do manually because there are no plugins for it.

Any ideas on how I can do it?

I know it can be done - I’m just not as clued up on multi-database user sharing as I could be. I’m quite comfortable with PHP so if somebody could point me in the right direction that would be great.