Forum Software for Cross-Site Login Integration

I have attempted to use phpbb3 as a way of doing cross-site login integration and I’ve given up on it. I’m looking for a better forum software to use as I have tried to get phpbb3 to work for the past 4 months and having to completely redo my entire website several times.

This entails having the Login and Registration handled outside of the forum software and building my website AROUND the forum software. I’m essentially using the forum login/register system and piggybacking it. “Cross-Site Login Integration” is just the fancy term used for this now.

Please help.

Hi officialzyrus welcome to the forum

I think what you are looking for is “SSO” (Single Sign On). These articles aren’t specifically about phpBB3 but they should be some help

Using this would mean that I’d have to go through a platform like Wordpress or Facebook. I don’t want to use those things. I’d like to just have a SSO for the forum software and my website. No other incoming except the two.

While it is true that some sites are commonly used as the “authority” eg. Facebook, that does not mean that you can’t set up your own “authority”. The important part is that one of the logins deals with all of the “this user is who it says they are and they are OK” stuff (authentication) and then other sites can “trust” that the authority site is correct and the user is OK. Kind of like authentication dependent on prior authentication on a different site.

For example

  • I create an account on siteA that asks for a username and an email address. siteA sends me an email and when I do what it says to do to prove it is my email address, I am “authentic”.
  • I log in to siteB, enter my username and instead of going through the email address routine again, choose “use siteA”
  • siteB checks with siteA “is this user OK with you?”
  • siteA returns “yes”
  • siteB lets me in

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