Merging PHPBB & Wordpress Logins

Hello, I’m trying to find a nice plugin to merge phpbb and wordpess’ login for a very fluid experience. Unfortunately the only one I found that seems the most promising is wp-united.

However, I’ve been using PHP for years and can at least say it’s my favorite language to work with. So I’m thinking I may as well get my hands dirty and try to make one myself but truth be told I’m not all that familiar with wordpress. I have bought a few books on it so I am learning more and more about it but still, a long ways to go.

I just thought I would talk about my first idea for how to go about this and see what you all think about it’s modularity, flexibility, or any problems it may cause.

First idea:

It seems to me that it would be too time consuming to rewrite Wordpress’s login system to use PHPBB’s, not to mention it would be completely wiped out on any update. What I am thinking would be to create a simple hook that goes on the phpbb forum and the wordpress site that triggers on several actions: registering a new user, changing the username, changing the password, activating their account, getting banned, and getting deleted.

In short I think a simple function could be created so that on phpbb’s registration page at the end of it’s routine for creating the user it could call a simple function that creates a wordpress user. I’ve been looking at their database and it doesn’t seem all that complicated, I would just need to dig a bit deeper to find out how the password is hashed so I can do the same for when I’m creating the user in Wordpress’s user database.

Then the same technique would need to be applied to the rest of the user actions to that anytime the phpbb’s users database would be updated, it would also update the wp one. I know that’s fairly redundant but it at least wouldn’t be too obtrusive to the original systems. All the functions could be written into a nice class then just called upon within phpbb’s functions to update the wp database. So when either of the two softwares get updated there isn’t any major work to fix it. And if one system goes down from an update, the other system will still work fine.

Does this seem reasonable or should I try to come up with something better?