Simple multisite script, need advice

I’m looking for simple solution for multisite.

I have few domains like,, etc. All I want is to use one PHP script for all he websites.

I’ve trid to use apache’s rewrite for that, but it doesn’t work:

RewriteRule ^index.html$ /home/site1/www/index.php

What will be another simple solution for that?

Hi al9, can you construct the path or put the domain name in a variable?

$site = ‘site1’;
$path = ‘/home/’ . $site . ‘/www/’;

Something like that?

Do you have several domains under the same directory, like


and you want one script to do something in all four sites?

Sorry if I’m not understanding exactly what you need.:blush:

Are the sites all contained within the same server? If not, the only way to do this without opening a giant security hole in your servers is to have a copy of the script on each server.

You asked this very question here:

And it was solved there.

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