Anyone got a simple explanation of URL Rewriting to make .php into .html?

I’m just looking for real simple.

all I want is any page, for expample index.php to be rewritten as index.html

I know that you need a .htaccess file.

Anyone got a simple sample that just works? :eye:

You will find your answers at our Apache Configuration

Look at the mod_rewrite Resources thread, and read the [url=“”]Learn Apache mod_rewrite: 13 Real-world Examples article.

Thanks, Paul.

Yes, either look at SitePoint’s version of the one on my website (up to date) as linked in my signature.



Do you then think that it’s preferable to direct people to the mod_rewrite Resources thread, given that the article itself isn’t as up-to-date as it should be?


Not really. However, it’s pretty close AND it IS on SitePoint so it depends upon whether people will go to an offsite link or a SitePoint link.



Okay then, I’ll ensure that future links that I provide to the article are to the thread relating to the article, so that people can then chase up updates to it from there.