Simple Javascript breaking mytery

I have a test that works when the script is embeded in the head section but it does not work when the script is linked in the head section and I cannot figure out why. Can someone please shed light on this please?

Works here:

Working Example

Not Working here:

Not Working Example

Sorry, forgot to mention the script action which is replacing page content on click. The three top links are associated to different content.

Please help me.

Which linked script is the one that is not working?

Hang on, I see the following error.

Uncaught Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [@class*=out]

The @ attribute was removed from jQuery selectors several years ago.

The ‘@’ in [@attr] has been removed. Deprecated since 1.2 this old syntax no longer works. Simply remove the @ to upgrade.

Get rid of it, and that part will work.