jQuery: Book example not work


I ahve just noticed that the file from Chapeter 03 of jQuery: Novice to Ninja doesn;t seem to work in ANY versions of Internet Explorer.

The file in question is: chapter_03/18_layout_switcher/script.js

This works fine in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari but fails in every version of IE, should it work or not?

Go to the book’s Errata where they have information about that.


From a tiny bit of testing just now. It seems to be still confusing.

  • With 1.4, I can get it working in all other browsers and no versions of Ie

  • With 1.5, I can’t get it working in ANY browser

  • With 1.3.2, I can get it working in any browser + IE9.

How strange.

There seems to be another issue at hand, with this particular line:


It seems to work when double-quotes are used to delimit the value: