Simple Christmas Card Database Script


My wife asked me what the best way to to store all our Christmas Card List names and addresses, and I was not sure myself. She use to have them saved as a text document and she just printed the list out each year and then hand wrote the names and addresses on the cards. For some silly (I would say stupid, but she is my wife and the Mother of my children) reason she did not back-up the list and she is going to start a new one, so she wants to make it easier on herself this time.

What she wants is to be able to input each friend’s name, address, etc… into a form and have it saved to a database. She would like it so she can easily print out mailing labels as well. I am guessing you can easily do that in “Outlook”, but neither one of us use that.

Any suggestions would be appreciated…


Happy Holidays to All!

I would personally use Access. Stupidly simply for forms and stuff.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Are there any other good products out there that are not made by Microsoft for this?

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Sure you could use
Also it probably wouldn’t take that long to whip up a php/mysql based app for it either.

TreePad Lite (freeware)

I believe that File > Print > Subtree > nodes will do this for you.

That is some awesome software. I’m going to definetly bookmark that.

Thanks Guys… I am going to check them both out and give one a try!

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