Advice needed on mail list

dont know if this is the right place
but can any one tell me if i can make an emailing list from this code i have which reads from database
or do i need some thing diff

//Outputs the image and other data
Echo  "<b>Hello </b> ".$info['name'] . " <br>";
Echo  "<b>With Regards To Your </b> ".$info['state'] . " <br>";
Echo $info['type'] . " <br>";
Echo "<b>Date of listing on our database:</b> ".$info['date'] . " <br>";
Echo "<b>are these details still correct ? <br>";
Echo "<b> if you could reply yes or no so i can keep database up to date<br>";
Echo "<b>many thanks Doug (webmaster)<br/>";
Echo "<b>--------------------------------------------------------------<br/>";

thanks for reply but i could not see any ref to database
perhaps its me
ps yes it is loop

Is your script just going to be running through a for/while loop?

If so two good scripts that will allow HTML emails are Swift and PHP Mailer 5 which both have great documentation which will work great for sending the type of email you want