Seeking Pre-Made Software


I’m not sure if this is the right thread.

We are looking for something we can purchase that has solid PHP code that we can tweak if need be.

We want to create a form people can fill out & then the software will allow others to search kws in some of the fields & then show the record.

We want it to be server side & it will only be accessed via a membership. (if we can attach it to an existing website, that’s a bonus)

So we want to be able to add the field names, the type of field (phone number, e-mail or text). We also want one question to be a checkbox type.

And the last field will be a huge comment box that is nicely coded so they can type paragraphs & when the person searches & finds the record, the text is nicely displayed.

Can you recommend some reasonably priced pieces of software that do this & the code has to be well done, nothing bloated (we want security too).



So I guess no one can help me? :frowning: