Should You Solicit Your Services?

Hey all. This topic has been on my mind quite often, especially when browsing poor websites.

Do you guys think that it is a good idea to solicit, or approach a client w/ your services if you see an opportunity to do so?

For instance, say I’m on I see that it’s poorly designed, invalid markup, and is arranged in a table. Is it a good idea to approach that business (say it’s a local coffee shop) and ask them if they want a new website (and slyly work in a price somewhere in the conversation)?

This isn’t so much a “what should I do?” question, more of a discussion question.


Additional Questions:

Should you change your price any?
Is there a specific way you would approach the client?

You can try this, but you have to be prepared for a lot of rejections. (We get a lot of people coming to our door at home, telling us that we should switch energy suppliers. It’s incredibly annoying, so those guys need a thick skin to survive. Think of it from the client’s point of view before you get too bold.)

Another option is to get to know the people first—such as becoming a regular customer—and over time letting them know what you do … and perhaps mentioning at some point that their site could be improved … or preferably waiting until they ask you about your services.

most people would simply think you are wasting their time. but some companies use this technique for sure.

Have any of you guys tried this?

Do you think there’s an advantage to soliciting a somewhat-obscure service like Web Design as opposed to, say, asking for money from a charity or to change energy companies?


It depends on you, your personality and professional approach. For me, it’s definitely a big NO. It feels cheap to me, out of place, audacious and far too bold. There are so many ways to get clients, cold-calling and the like is the worst of them, imo.