How do you tell suggest that a company needs a new website?

I’m looking to get more involved in web design, and I haven’t done anything aside from my own site so I’m looking for someone to let me design a site.

I have a site that I’m interested in redoing, but how do I go about asking/telling the person that I think I should redesign their website. I don’t want to seem rude, but I think that a new website could tremendously improve their business?


I would suggest you kindly tell them how a new website could improve their business—focus on business goals and not so much on technicalities, unless they’re a “technical” company. Sales can be tricky. Instead of just telling them what’s wrong with their site, tell them why and how a new solution could improve their business. If/when you get a conversation going, listen to them and find out what their goals are and make them understand how your suggestions can achieve those goals, and why they should go for it. Be positive! :wink:

We have a lot of people here with experience selling web projects so I think we’ll have some more tips and tricks below soon.

EDIT: Perhaps explain how you can increase conversion rates (for sign-ups, sales etc), increase search engine friendliness for more visitors without spending more on marketing, or tell them about (new) features that can help them achieve business goals, such as great analytics, easy content management, inventory management, or whatever might be interesting to them depending on what it is they do.

Thanks I’ll be sure to do try this out and see where it gets me.

There are websites like i thin free lancer or something where you can get paid for your job. If you are good at designing. Just google for those sites and you can get paid for designing their sites.

tell them your taking a web course and would like to use there’s .