Should I use a website with Moderate Risk for back links?

For the website i recieved CitationFlow (39), TrustFlow (25), ACRank(7) from Majestic SEO.

But while i am doing a run in Link Research tool ( ) the yadig website showing Moderate Risk. So shoul I continue using the website for back links ?

Any kind of relevant legitimate site that provides a natural backlink is useful. If you can afford leaving it and you are getting good results from it, then keep it as it is.

What do you mean by “use” for backlinks. Generally speaking, if there is a site that is easy for a visitor to place a link there, it holds a lot less weight than if the site owner controls the linking and they placed the link there. If you are going around placing links rather than the owner of the site, most likely that will lead to identifying your linking as unnatural.