Should i be thinking about IDEs or CMSs?

i’ve been doing web development now for about 8 months. i use photoshop to figure out how i want a page to look then i cut it up and do the markup and styling via komodo text editor.

should i be looking to use IDEs like dreamweaver or something? i have never even looked at this software and will this butcher my css and html?

when should i ever think about using an IDE or content management system? im confused because maybe the projects i have done so far have been inefficient in terms of time and maybe i could possibly save time :D.

I wouldn’t worry about buying Dreamweaver, there are a lot of alternatives to it now days. I would consider a CMS, but first learn a little PHP. A CMS is only as good as the person(s) deploying it and a good installation often requires some code manipulation.

Try this, install something like Wordpress for your personal use and work with that for a while as a learning project before trying to sell it.

roger that… i actually went to school for things like C, Assembly, J2ee so php isn’t that difficult at tall. it is going into wordpress and dissecting all the objects that is so long and boring.

CMS is worth it, IDEs are probably NOT… gotcha will keep that in mind.:slight_smile:

If you know the code well (which is sounds like you do) take a look at Netbeans with PHP or Aptana both of which are excellent products. DW really isn’t a coder’s IDE.

This is my simple guide:

If people who don’t know HTML and CSS (or code of any sorts) will be required to be able to add content to a page (or you want pre-built interaction stuff like comments), use a CMS, otherwise don’t bother and continue to use hand coding (with server-side includes). And if you find yourself wanting to do more with code than simply write it in a text editor (like server-side framework hooking) then use an IDE (as they tend to have more purpose built enhancements like project management). In the case of a competent coder who maintains their own site and just wants to get the job done… just stick with the editor. :slight_smile: