Behind the Design

Can some tell me do sites like have a back end CMS system if so which one.
Also site like any one know what they use.

I ask as i am in the process of looking for a CMS type program so i can easily edit clients pages without going though Dreamweaver all the time.

Big sites like Apple probably have their own custom made CMS. Most of the time you can’t tell what CMS was used, unless it’s mentioned in the footer. It’s easy to spot WordPress by viewing the source code.

You probably should check out some standard, well-supported CMSs like ExpressionEngine, Drupal, MODx and Silverstripe. But there are hundreds more out there.

Yeah that’s what I though really, which CMS do you think is best for a guy that works in Dreamweaver as I am not a straight coder.

straight coding is most powerful

Hm, well, there are even CMSs that plug in to Dreamweaver, but I guess if you don’t want to mess with code, you might need to find a CMS with some nice themes.

Anyway, you could just build a “look” in Dreamweaver and past this into any CMS as your template. There are lots of variables here, I’m afraid.

There are lots of articles online about the various CMSs. I’m sure this is by no means the best, but I wrote a little piece on choosing a CMS recently that may be of help.

Would love to be a straight coder, tried in the past the really learn it but found it so hard to remember,
How did you learn it and remember it, also is it a help or hindrance to use Dreamweaver.

well, u just learn the basics, use it couple times and use google and w3 as ur reference

The HTML side of it is very straightforward, and CSS is also quite simple to learn to write. A good book or tutorial will set you up for that.

You can use Dreamweaver purely in code view, so no, it’s not a hindrance at all. It’s a very powerful tool, with lots of handy features.