Shopping cart that lets you use your own SSL and does gift certificates?

Hello, all. I need a shopping cart that will let me use my own SSL and has a gift certificate feature. I want to use my own SSL so that the shopping cart URL is just “” and not “”

For example 3d Cart says that they’ll let you use your own SSL, but really you can TRANSFER one to them for $99 IF your certificate is from GeoTrust or a couple of other companies only. (These happen to be the companies for which they also can sell you SSLs. Is that sort of a scam in itself?)

If I go through my host and use ShopSite, I’m told that my SSL can stay with my original host. Howevever, the gift certificate feature only comes with the most expensive of the 3 plans.

I prefer to rent rather than buy a cart, because I hear that only with rentals do you get the automatic (free) updates of software/features.

Thanks for your thoughts. I’m new to shopping carts, and boy, does it take a lot of time to research!

Hey Ellen,

Think 3d cart host the shopping cart for you and dont allow self host.( not 100% sure)

I would rather self host a shopping cart gives more control over it, plus some of the paid carts come with free updates and you dont need to pay extra for adding more products ect. here is a list of some
You can setup the shoping cart on the root domain and use a SSL certificate so your site will be secured on

I use cubecart and if my memory servers me correct I seen a gift certificate somwhere in admin area.

Any open source shopping cart will offer this. It is actually configured on initial installation and in hosting settings.

‘Prestashop’ is a cart I’ve used previously (I’m now using magento) and it comes with a fantastic gift certificate module ‘out of the box’. Prestashop is also one of the quickest, yet most powerful free shopping carts on the market to date.