Secure shopping cart

Say I set up shopping site using something like magento. How do I go about making it use SSL and secure the checkout process?

what about something like an online payment software that covers different payment methods and ensures that the transactions are secure and safe? Which are the advantages or disadvantages of going in this type of direction?

SSL options are usually set up in the carts configuration settings.

If in doubt check the carts documentation or if you need assistance submit a support request to the developers.

For Magento, you will need to go to the admin section. Once there, go to System -> Configuration -> Web, and make sure that your ‘Use Secure URLs in Frontend’ is enabled.

Have you already purchased SSL certificate for your domain?

No, this is what I needed to know. So other than enabling SSL in the cart, I need to purchase a certificate? How does it all work?

You should check to see if your hosting provider offers SSL certificates. If they do offer them, they usually will install them for you as well.

You can purchase certificate from your hosting, and ask hosting support to install it for you.

Or you can purchase it yourself and install it using your server control panel.

What server control panel you use? Plesk or cPanel?

Thanks, I’ll speak with the host then.

Remember to consider PCI compliance as well.

The credit card companies are placing more and
more restrictions on ecommerce systems and you
must stay compliant or risk severe fines.

Do I buy the SSL cert with my webspace provider or domain name provider?

WebDonkey - you can buy a certificate from any vendor that sells them. Most web hosts will offer them or do a web search for “SSL certificates” and you’ll find plenty of sellers at all sorts of prices if you want to shop around.