Shopping cart script

Hey guys,

Does anyone know for a decent shopping cart script?
I am working on an ecommerce site and I am a newbie to this type of site. I am using zencart at the moment but I am a control freak and I don’t want
to have to hack other people’s code to get things to look how I want them.

Although I admire how clever this package is and how easy it makes it for folk to create cms sites, I don’t want to have to click and drag around catalogue items because why did I learn PHP in the first place? Basically what I want is:
1: To write a separate front-end CMS script which retrieves the catalogue items from the database and presents them exactly how I want them.

  1. Attach a third party shopping cart script which keeps itself informed using the same database and does all of the usual shopping cart duties, payment processing and inventory.

So I want a bolt on shopping cart for an existing site.
Can anyone advise me, maybe I have the wrong impression?

Hey Mark,

Yes I guess my question is this:

So many people are using ecommerce solutions like zencart but in order to be able to truly customise how a zencart site looks, you have to learn zencart’s particular api or use their drag and click page builder which is just pointless if you already know how to code right?

Anyway, that means that every time a new ecommerce solution comes out, u have to learn a new api. It seems awfully wasteful to me, why not just have one really wicked shopping cart script that you can just bolt on to any site that you design and do away with the whole drag and click editor ecommerce thing.

What I want is a php shopping cart and not a whole shop. Do you get me?

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