Php shopping cart suggestions

I am looking for a php / MySQL shopping cart that has the look and feel of shopping at ETSY.COM, but only for one seller. I am familiar with x-cart, oscommerce, zencart, and all of them are way to formal and rigid. I did come across spree which is a Ruby-on-Rails application, but I really don’t want to get bogged down with ruby gem dependencies on my shared server.

Is there a really nice, clean and graphically pleasing shopping cart, programmed in PHP that would look and feel like an ETSY site?


I’ve seen shops in Magento that look pretty much like what you’re looking for.

I just had a look for some of the links to those shops, but I’ve lost them all, sorry :expressionless:

But Magento is quite flexible, apparently.

Thanks for the suggestion… I went right away and downloaded it and can see that it would be a great product… except that I can’t upload images to my products and it has something to do with library dependencies that are required. I have posted numerous threads on their forums (which seem to be busy) and no one there doesn’t seem to be a lot of help at all. :frowning:

But thanks for the suggestion anyway… it definitely is in the right direction for what I am looking for.