Shopping Cart for a static site

Hi all

I have a client who sells a few products in a store.

They have a very basic static website which lists a few products and prices…they want to have an option to buy online for some of these items.

I would like to have an ‘add to cart’ link beside each products that can be sold.

At the end i’d like it to be able to calculate the order, be editable etc… can you recommend something really simple and free?

Any help is much appreciated.

PayPal is an obvious contender. What do you mean by calculate and editable, though?

Was thinking paypal, but are there charges for using their cart?

The company take payments via bank transfer as well… what would be ideal is the cart completes an order thats pushed to an email, so that payments can be taken by only the company (no paypal fees etc)

You may be able to find something that does what you want, but you’ll need to free yourself from the word free. :slight_smile: there are no free cart services that I know of. They are complex things, and no one is going to do it for you for free. It can get really expensive, indeed, which is why PP can be popular, as it just takes a small percentage of the sale. Most carts require you to pay for them, as well as a payment gateway service, as well as a merchant account for a bank … All of which represent pretty hefty expenses. So for a small, static site with just a few products, you are really looking at something like PP along with a good dose of manual labor.

Basically, the client has to pay money to make money.

Think paypal is the best option Ralph…cheers!

Use paypal or 2co and integrate add to cart buttom from paypal or 2co.

What CMS does this site uses? If it is WP I would recommend a cart plugin.

The OP mentioned that “They have a very basic static website”. Even with a cart, they will need to have a gateway and merchant account.

I see, thanks. Then Stripe can recommended that becomes more and more popular now. Easy integration with any sites and support of direct payments from a website.

Yes, Stripe looks good, though it’s not widely available yet (just US and Canada?).