Hosted "Cart Only" Solutions (similar to Roman Cart)

I’ve been looking at easy ways to integrate a shopping cart into a site I have built. It already has the ‘store’ built, complete with CMS for managing products, so all I need is a cart to plug in to it. I also didn’t want the hassle and expense of maintaining a secure server so a hosted cart would be great.

All these requirements lead me to Roman Cart which seemed to answer all my prayers, Unfortunately Roman Cart has a few annoying niggles (like being unable to add the same product to the cart twice) and allows very little customisation (any html to you add to the header and footer of the cart pages is automatically wrapped with <tr> and <td> tags, screwing up the layout).

So, my question is, does anyone know of a service similar to Roman Cart that allows you to create your own html template simply?

Any advise much appreciated.


I built the CMS myself using PHP and MySQL.

What CMS you use? Is it possible to use external PHP code in it?

Check out FatFreeCart and Ecwid - they seem to be exactly what you need: an addon that collects products and stuff and then just sends order data to a hosted payment page.

I’m much the same. I use Paypal’s Website Payments Standard with IPN (Instant Payment Notification) with my own shopping cart.

On my checkout page, the shopper has to fill in their personal details, but not credit card details, and I store that info in the database so that I have a record of the order before the shopper and the contents of their shopping cart are taken to the Paypal site to process their online Payment. You can customise the Paypal online payment pages to some extent by adding your website’s logo and background colour to them to give them the look and feel of your website.

I like the fact I don’t have to worry about the security implications of collecting credit card numbers, storing them and processing the actual payments.

Sorry, I should have explained better :blush:, this is exactly what I meant - and exactly what Roman Cart doesn’t do. No matter how many times you’d add an item to the cart it still reads as quantity = 1.

I like the fact that they host the cart and handle the SSL Cert etc. I can build a cart but I’m not confident on the security side of things. But I would also like people to enter their details on a page that still looks part of the same website.

FatFreeCart would be great if it supported Sagepay. Ecwid has it’s own CMS which I wouldn’t need.

I’ve bookmarked both for future projects though, so thanks for the tips.

That would be fine except that I need to accept payments via SagePay as well as Paypal.

I’m not sure why you would want to add an item twice to a cart. Why not just increment its quantity in the cart by 1 every time you want to add an item already in the cart.

Anyway, [Paypal supports many 3rd party carts.]( shopping cart&9gad=5178565738.1&mpch=ads)

Or you could conside building your own customised shopping cart. A shopping cart is simply a session variable or class (depending on what features and functionality you want) that stores product items, their quantities and prices.

We have been using Cart32 for 6 years – very very robust solution, with Paypal standard, Paypal websites payments pro, Google Checkout, & Checkout by Amazon support… Support for gift certificates or promo codes, good order management tools, etc.

For a much more basic solution, Mals Cart has a fair amount of flexibilty. We have set this up as a backup in case anything were to go wrong with our primary cart… haven’t had to use it, but it is not bad.

Premium Web Cart has SagePay fully integrated already
and will work as you’ve specified.

There are other options such as:


The quantity issue with Roman Cart is a strange one and
I think that is likely a unique issue with their service.