Adding Member section to the site + Redesign Advice needed

Hello Friends!)

I wanted to ask your opinion. I have a site in the financial sphere that has been working for some time. It has acceptable rankings in the Google and other search engines for quite a few keywords – because it has an extensive free course on multiple topics involved in the trading.

I am close to finishing a product that I wish to sell through this website. The product will be the daily research of all the currency pairs shown in the flash format.

I have the following requirements:

  1. I want to keep the site in the static html format
  2. I want to completely redesign the site so that it has a cohesive and attractive look
  3. I want to install the ecommerce solution that will help me handle all sales, emails and clients.
  4. I am worried about doing the 3 and 4 point by hand because the cohesiveness of the whole can be compromised….

Can you please suggest me a way how to achieve this goal?


Since you’re going to implement a shopping cart, you will not be able to use “static html” pages unless you use some form of search engine optimization techniques (htaccess redirect for each page like googletap)

Another alternative would be to use external shopping cart services like paypal

As for redesigning it, that shouldn’t be much of a problem. Try to focus on having a more css oriented design as its faster page loading and more browser friendly

Many carts allows you to render pages using modrewrite, which generate static URLs.

If you’re talking about building the site in flat HTML and ‘tacking on’ a shopping cart… it can be done, but it’s usually a pain in the ass.

Basically you’ll need to skin the cart to match the look and feel of your static site (essentially you’re creating two sites and gluing them together).

thnaks for your answer…you mean these cms packages can be made to output static thml pages? that will be seen as a static html pages by google? can you please give me an example of such a cart system?