Shifting Servers From USA Shared Server to Canada VPS Server will affect SEO Rankings

Currently we are running our websites on a web hosting in USA and it’s a shared ASP.NET server. We do want to continue for few more months on this shared server as migration may take time and due to our commitments.
We also have taken a VPS server which is based out in Canada.
Currently our websites does not have good SEO SERP Ranking but we are starting the campaign next week (Monday).
Our target audience is all countries across the globe but especially USA, UK and Australia.
Now my questions are :
1)Should we shift immediately or can we wait for 2-3 months to this Canada VPS so that our rankings of the campaign wont be affected? Do shifting from USA to Canada does affect rankings as well . Our domain is ‘.com’
If rankings will be affected, then we will shift immediately and then start campaign.
2) If websites is hosted on Canada VPS , does it mean , it will be tough to get on than
We want to be on the top of ( is irrelevant to us as of today).
3)some of of other .com domains might have good ranks though not in top 30 positions. But will they go further down if we shift from this USA server to Canada Server.
I wasn’t knowing this otherwise I would have taken USA based VPS.


There have been two threads recently on a similar theme, here and [URL=“”]here. Hopefully you will find your answers there.

Alright , that answers one of my part. that i can host at canada data center without worrying about my global results. Right?

What about my first concern? can i stick to USA based shared server for like 1 or 2 months more and start my SERP rankings campaign now and Might be able to achieve good ranking in a month. now after 2 months when i transfer to canada server , will my rankings drop?

I’m not sure I understand your question. Moving your site from one server to another shouldn’t have any effect on your SERP, provided there is no significant downtime during the move.

Based on my experience, moving from US to a Canada server will not likely have any effect on your SEO rankings especially if your backlinks were from US, UK and Australia IPs.

Just make sure that your site is already online before you start your backlinking campaign. You wouldn’t want bots visiting your site while it is on the process of moving to another host.