Our Website Target location is US, Can we host in Singapore?

We have a business offering 3d modeling services in the US but our server is host in Singapore. Can we go with that or we have to change host to US to better ranking?

Physical server location has absolutely nothing to do with rankings other than you could potentially get dinged on performance issues if the infrastructure isn’t there for proper performance.

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What is the name of your host in Singapore?

Sure! Your server host is totally fine. You might experience a slight speed decrease due to latency while you’re in the US, but you should see improvement for any SEO rankings due to the new geographic location.

How does that work?

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In theory, yes. Google uses different servers for bots. There is a small chance that the servers in USA cannot reach your server in Singapore. Also, for your users, surfing a USA-based server will be faster than Singapore-based. If more people visit your website = more traffic = Google can index and might have your web pages on top of other URLs.

However, if your Singapore server is good, keep it, and focus on the content on your website.

While server location can play a role in search engine rankings, it ain’t the only factor in the game. As long as your website is optimized for local searches in the US, you can still score some sweet rankings and reach your target audience

Websites can be hosted anywhere in the world. When using a CDN your website, assets are already being hosted across hundreds of smaller data centers. We host our APIs in multiple geographies across the world to leverage countries with more sustainable data grids actively reducing our enterprises carbon footprint.

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