Moving hosting from UK to US

I have site hosted with a UK company, but am thinking of moving it to where all my other sites are hosted, on a US server. Will this effect my search engine rankings at all within UK?

It will inevitably have some effect, remember to set your target country preferences in Google Webmaster Tools!

Cheers, already got it set in web tools. Any idea how long before see a decline, and how severe it can be?

You might not see any change but moving outside of the UK can have a noticable effect on UK search engine results. If you’re lucky it will be shifting a few places here and there on your typical positions. You may find you disappear from some of your better results for a while while the SE reindexes.

The only way to really know is push that button and see what happens!

I disagree, he have a, this should be enough to not affect to his regional results in the UK.

It all boils down to if seeks ‘’ domains with UK IP addresses. If it does then I think your uk traffic will plummet.

One of them will do it, I mean, or the IP in the UK, or an UK’s TLD.

Moving the hosting will have no effect if the domain indicates that the site is country specific. Only if you move an international domain from one country to another would it possibly shift position in the country specific search results.

The move will have no effect at all with the international versions of the search engines.

Hmm who to believe :confused: I’m inclined to go with Felgall as you’re the most experienced member here, but I have heard before that it can be bad to switch country servers.

Anybody have any examples?

We have the same dilema.

Some of our sites are on UK servers, whilst some are US based.

What I’m unsure of is whether moving a .com domain to a US server will help it in Google’s SERP for US searches?

Not SE related, but you do need to be aware of data protection issues if you collect any personally identifiable information from your visitors which is pretty much anything they submit these days. You’d need to inform users their data was being exported and the hosting company should be part of the Safe Harbour scheme to meet the same standard as EU Data Protection.

I’ve always thought Google’s policy was to account for the IP location of the host no matter whether it’s a gTLD or a ccTLD and take that into account. I would say having a domain hosted in the USA may well affect your position if you’re going towards regional listings (as it’s physically outside that country). :slight_smile: