Will google rank links that are keyword targeted if it points to a specific page on a different website? If so is there anything that needs to be done so this happens or so you dont violate terms of google and so forth?

company is
they want to get for the keyword “christmas movies on dvd” they do proper link building for that domain and that keyword however when a user clicks that domain it actually points to say which has content structured around the term christmas movies on dvd

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I think there can be problem because of redirection. If this page is very important then why you are not putting a highlighted box or text at homepage ? Because by this way user can notice them directly and your link building also work properly.

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i dont think it will be banned from google .

It’s hard to understand what you mean. Why don’t you just have anchor text link “christmas movies on dvd” pointing directly to It’s got your keywords in the URL so this highly targetted SEO that way there is no need for any redirctions and confuses your visitors.

I do not understand your point, but I try to describe
using targeted keywords is the best, so the keyword with a link that will be the same