On-page techniques for SEO

Is there someone that can give me a beginners technique to build an on page SEO techniques? Thank you!

Hi @Hulyo I’m no SEO expert but it seems these days that the only reliable technique is to have good quality and relevant content. Gone are the days, it seems, of black hat SEO techniques. So using HTML semantically and having relevant quality content seems like the best way to go

Writing an effective article is one of the great way rock your website on top. Be influence r to those blogger by just writing them that are very usable content. As an addition of this be active on social media, remember that building a community will make you to reach you’re target audience.

Please do a forum search before posting a new question, @Hulyo, as you’ll often find it’s been asked and answered before.

We have a current thread on this very topic here: On Page SEO activities Rather than duplicating the discussion, I invite you to join in there, and I’ll close this thread.