SEO keywords for an event listings website


I have a query about keywords in a homepage which primarily consists of event listings. Although I have a fairly good idea of how modern SEO works, I’m new to this, so I may have misunderstood some aspects.

I’ve recently released a website listing dance events at, and I’ve been looking at the keyword lists thrown up by Google Webmaster tools and the AWstats application provided by my webserver and they’re not quite what I’d like…

The dance style is “Lindy Hop”, which is a kind of Swing, the listings are restricted to London and they cover classes, social dances and clubs. Based on this (and my limited understanding of SEO), I would ideally like the following keywords to rank highly.


e.g. if someone googled “Lindy hop classes in london” I would hope that the site would be ranked highly, since this is the content it provides.

I have put all of these words in the title and h1 and h2 tags. However, the main body of the homepage consists of listings of events, all of which are for Lindy in London (so don’t include those words). The result is that words in event names (which are things like “Swing cat’s corner”, “Swing club” and “black cotton club”) are showing up as highly ranked, presumably simply because they are repeated multiple times.

In Google Webmaster Tools, “Swing” and “Club” are the top two keywords, with “London” and “Lindy” around the 20 mark.

What should I do to improve the ranking of these words?

I’m reluctant to add more text solely for SEO purposes, since the key features of the front page are its clarity and simplicity, but if it would have a significant impact then it might be worth it.

Any advice or wisdom from you SEO gurus would be very gratefully received.

Kind regards