Not getting listing for correct keyword?

How can i get listing in search engine for correct keyword what i assign… Because our website getting listed but not for correct keyword. So i need know how can in get…?:slight_smile:

In order for Google or any other search engines to know which keyword you want to rank for, they will need to find what anchor text do people use to link to your site. Like for example, you want to rank for the keyword, keywordA. You will then have to build backlinks with anchor text set as keywordA. When enough of these links are seen by the search engines, they will then adjust the ranking of your site for that keywordA.

From what I know, i think that keywords should be added in Title, description, h1, h2 tags, <strong>, and if you can, add them also in the url address.

Thanks for your suggestions,
But the keywords what i use to search engine all are uploaded in title and description, then also i’m not getting is there any reasons for this type of activities that Google is playing.

It’s all depends on the keywords competition which you are targeting and relevancy with that keywords to your pages. Make your website or page desirable to get ranked for that particular keyword. make some extra effords to do onside and strong link building

You will see some result within few days

From what I understand, it seems that you’re ranking for another keyword. Why not work on that as well? If that’s not the case, then I guess you should do some off-page optimization, i.e. link building, since you’re already done with the title, headers, and all that. Oh, by the way, have you fixed your meta description? If not, better work on that.

Its already done, meta description and also link building strategy, but my point is how can i get fast results. Since i’m doing off-page from 5 month but there is no results…

Is the keyword you’re trying to rank for specific or a generic one? How popular is it?

You should build backlinks to your website using the keyword you want to rank for. The most quick way to do this is by trying to get a backlink from relevant high authority High PR website using this keyword… Once Google index the website, you will get a very powerful backlink that will help you dramatically increase your SERP :slight_smile:

I agree with patco…Link Building is the way to go - however…don’t go for all high PRs only… create a natural looking distribution of link types, link factors, etc. Google will catch you an punish you if you add 50 pr 7 links within 2 weeks… so rather do it over the course of 3-6 months or even longer and use all kinds of PR… from low to high (more low than high). shoot me a PM…I been working on a couple of projects very successfully in the past 2 years or so… I mgiht be able to give you some valuable bits of info…

  1. The keyword should be used in the meta title, description, h1 ,h2.
  2. Whereever you promote your site (bookmarks, directories), just focus on keyword.
  3. If you are promoting in the forums, just set your signature as the main keyword.
  4. It is good if your domain is keyword rich.
  5. Check if your sitemap is submitted properly.
  6. Check if you have robots.txt file.

Most forums, including this one, make signature links “nofollow”, so it will have no effect at all on search engine results.

Yes to rank targeted keyword create backlink with that specific keyword, which already used in your site after researching keyword . Create backlink from High pr forum, blog commenting and so on. do not waste time with low pr sites like n/a or 0.

You can use your website keywords in meta data and also can use content, basically giving link to keyword in content helps in rankling for that keyword.

Please read the whole thread before posting suggestions. ArikaSharma has explained what has already been tried. If you have any new ideas that could be helpful, please share them.

Did you rank for the correct keywords at one time or is this a new site (less than a year old) that you
are expecting to rank for a specific set of keywords and haven’t yet ranked.

If this is a new site and you have done correct on-page optimization and are building links with
proper anchor text than you just have to keep building links and writing keyword specific content.

Most new sites take time to rank for there niche keywords and usually along the way rank for
many other keywords. Sometimes (perhaps in your case) those keywords are not even
related to the target niche. This is a normal part of SEO and could have a number of
causes. Maybe someone linked to your site with the incorrect keywords as anchor text. Also
search engine algorithms do some freaky sh*t sometimes and could have found that the
content of your site was relevant to those incorrect keywords.

Good luck.

No our website is not a new site its 2years older…

i don’t recommend to work on one keyword. It’s just too risky. Believe me. Good luck:)

Why your are doing work on 1 keyword it will harm your site i seo for more keyword that will help you lot