SEO in Ajax driven page


I’m not sure if this is the right forum to raise my question regarding SEO implmentation.

I have a page index.php which is driven using ajax, ie index page will be loaded with different UI based on actions in that page. Now another requirement is to do SEO implementation, by changing meta tag and title tag values based on each view. As far as i know it will not be indexed by search engine. So changing tag values using javascript makes no sense? is it? I just want to make sure this approach will not help SEO.

One possible solution will be like this

[FONT=Verdana]While Googlebot can execute some Javascript, it isn’t wise to rely on it running extensive and complex Javascript such as Ajax changes to the entire page structure. Yes, Google gives some useful advice on how to get your Ajaxed content indexed with hash-bangs, but I’m not clear whether it would treat it as an entirely new page and index the <head> data separately.

It’s the whole Flash debate come round again. Using Ajax for actions is fine, where it allows you to update the page based on changes the user has made without having to reload the whole kit and caboodle. But using Ajax for primary navigation is a nightmare, destroying any hope of SEO not to mention accessibility (including mobile phones) or usability. If you’re wanting to change the <title> and <meta> tags then that sounds like’ve got macro navigation-level changes going on, not inline updates, so it’s not sensible to use Ajax for that.[/FONT]

Thanks for the quick reply.

So without any hesitation i can inform my manager that, changing meta and title tage using javascript will not help SEO. We have to approach it differently.