Opinions on this idea please


A client wants to add changing images to their home page via a javascript slide show to highlight content areas of the site.

Below that is an <H1> that they now would like to change the content of to match each slide image. We can do that via Ajax, but the question is how, if at all, will that affect SEO? Will it cause banning? They are not even thinking about cheating the search engines, they just know that they need <H1> text and want it to match the slides now.

My opinion is that it’s not cheating and that the search engines will only see the original <H1> and not the updated (changing) <H1> and therefore should be OK. I don’t want to be wrong about that though…

Thanks guys.

It’s not something to worry about. You’re allowed to have a dynamic webpage, that’s not “cheating”.

according to google… AJAX can make a site difficult for search engines to index if the technology is not implemented carefully.

Thank you guys!

Really? I never knew that. Thanks for this info. This might be useful to me in the future. I’ll remember this. Thanks again.