SEO and Ajax question

I’m doing redesign of a personal website and I’m trying to figure out how to load content: new pages or ajax.

What’s more SEO friendly and better for speed? Any recommendations?


I can’t say definitively which will have a better seo impact (though I have my suspicions), but as a developer who’s been doing this a long time, let me say this - use ajax lightly. Unless you’re doing an extremely graphic laden site, the benefits of using ajax are minimal at best, and the increased amount of switching and javascript loading can cause havoc with those with less than optimal connections and/or are using a mobile browser.

I still like to follow the KISS method - Keep It Simple Stupid. Unless there’s a real reason to do it, DON’T!!!

Thanks for your reply =) I was thinking about KISS too.

I would always advise against using AJAX if the same results can be achieved in plain ol’ HTML without needing excessive page loading So, for example, something like Google Maps needs AJAX to work effectively because the page refreshes would kill it otherwise, but a site where you are simply swapping between four different content pages can manage perfectly well without AJAX, just four different pages that you hyperlink between.

Why? Accessibility, usability, user expectation, and search rankings. Anything that relies on Javascript of any form, but especially on AJAX, is going to fail dismally for anyone not running Javascript - and if you’re not very careful, could have all sorts of implications for assistive technology users. AJAX links don’t function like normal hyperlinks, which means that the way surfers normally interact with the page won’t work - thinks like right-clicking to open a new link, bookmarking pages etc - and the harder you make it for people to use your site the way they use every other site, the more likely they are to give up and go elsewhere.

And as for search engines, is it worth the risk? Googlebot does run some Javascript, but I don’t know how much. If you use AJAX, there’s a danger that it will fail to index large chunks of your content.

Ajax will look good for sure put can say about its SEO impact, in the other hand new pages will more good for SEO but users may dont like it

@stevie_d thanks for an in-depth response. Makes sense :slight_smile:

@iresh thanks :slight_smile: