Google search not displaying new title descriptions, just the old ones

hi ive published my site nearly 2 weeks ago, then i decided to do change a few things round ( like change text and page description). But when i check on google the changes havent been made on search, but when i click the link and go onto my site its changed there. So how do i get the changes i made to appear on google.

You just have to wait until Google next crawls and reindexes the site. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months.

As your site is brandnew, it is unlikely that Google will crawl it again in less than a month, so it is probably being a case of patience being a virtue.

I’m interested in where you found that information. As the site is new, Google has no indication whether the site is likely to be updated twice a year or three times a day, so I would have thought it was more like to crawl a new site fairly frequently until it has enough information to decide on a reasonable crawl rate. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just that it seems counter-intuitive, so I’m wondering what your source is for that information.

Afaik, there is a kind of “default” crawl frequency of between 2 and 4 weeks these days. If crawl results prove that to be lacking, it will be increased, and when little change is found, decreased.
Google have no reason to spend vast amounts of resources in the hope of finding new websites that buck the trend of the vast majority of sites to spring up and then be abandoned after that. If you pick 10 truly random websites, I expect you will find 8 or 9 have not had any additions this year.

Where are you getting info from?
I have one static site that I have not updated in 5-6 yrs that gets crawled every few days.

You can find out the time that Google last Cached your website and would give you some indication of when it was last crawled. In the Serch Engine Results Pages, next to your site, click the Cached Link in the Preview pane. This will show you a copy of the page Google has saved and the time it saved it. Also, sometimes Google will make up meta data from your content reletive to the users search.

I am agree with your post … I know Google spider crawl those website which have regularly update, but you know for index of new meta we have to do cache website two or three time on regular basis. Share your website URL over social media website and cache your link for quick indexing of your new data.

Sometimes google indexing procedure takes few time to show the changes . And its all about when your site will be cached then you will get the original updates on search results .