SEO for Flash / Yellow Pages Kind of Sites?

I am an SEO Freelancer. I am seeking some help with some kind of sites when I get potential clients asking me to perform SEO.

When I get sites using a lot of flash or when there are sites like or

I say no and that I am not confident on how to go about SEO Work.

Could you please advice on how to go about SEO’ing such sites.

Could someone help me with knowing about this…

I don’t think you can do so with flash since the robots are unable to read any code from the flash file

That’s not necessarily true - if the Flash file is properly constructed and uses text content rather than just images then some search engines may be able to read and index it - see

You can register yourself in odesk, elance etc… By registering on those sites definately helps you to move further with getting good amount of SEO projects

I agree with Stevie. One of my sites are partial flash, <snip/> It comes up first when “Detroit Magician” is searched. But I did get a second one in non-flash because many of my prospects use cell phones in my area. Flash sites takes longer to appear on the window. But remember to adjust the keywords in every category.

My site is flash based and now on 1st page for certain keywords. I’ve built around it tho.

Main page has techinically a 2nd site with content in the part which displays when flash isn’t installed. I’ve also created several sub pages, this again is based on content that is embedded in the flash. A bit of work, but if you have the flash code mainly the text details you can just cut and paste…

Obviously it’s more time consuming than just a site based on HTML