Flash website is useful SEO or not?

I need opinion for it from all of you

[FONT=Verdana]Rather than our opinion, you would be better reading what Google has to say on the matter. In a nutshell, search engines can read and index Flash files if they’ve been done properly (sadly many/most aren’t).

One thing to remember is that, like with Ajax, you need to be able to show a changed page state in the URL. If you have a Flash site that just loads in content without changing the URL, search engines won’t be able to index those other pages, which will make it more difficult for people to accurately find the information they want.

By far the biggest reason not to use Flash for overall site construction is that no iPhone, iOS, iGadget, iDoodah or anything else with an Apple logo on it (plus plenty of other devices) will run it. As soon as you rely on Flash, you have lost a huge number of potential customers instantly.[/FONT]

In addition to what Stevie said, many people routinely block Flash in their browser, even on desktop machines (I’m one of them). I know I can unblock it for specific sites, but I would have to be that much more motivated to do that.

Also, with the sort of Flash site that loads all the content under the same URL, the Back button no longer works as the user expects (that is, it doesn’t take them back to what they perceive to be the previous page). Personally, I think that breaking the Back button is one of the worst UI crimes that a website can commit.


Mike mentioned the back button! Man, that’s one of the pains of visiting a good Flash website. When you want to do a little backtracking of the other pages of the site that you’ve gone through, you really have to click on that page again. Since I’m the type who uses alt+left arrow to go back, I sometimes accidentally go back to the website I visited before that. Imagine this kind of hassle that some of the users have to go through when you have Flash.

There are several concern associated while maintaining flash website properly visible on search engines. For flash website you can put coding under html tags or you can apply flash on different pages and interlink them through HTML and pages which is of higher priority place them in pure HTML coding only, so that search engines wouldn’t find difficulty while indexing your web pages.

of course not… better using texts on front page even it may effects the homepage… used to make a big flash on front page before,
it cost 5-10 seconds to open it and had bad indexing on google…

You’re about 3 years too late to be getting into Flash. It’s a dying technology that’s limping towards a hole in the road to die in.

Funny to think I started out as Flash developer…

I have a query to it…
We know that Flash is getting died day by day, so if someone wants to introduce a simple animation as for the introduction, what should be the alternative way to make it done? Thanks !!

Best option for something future proof would be to do it using Javascript or HTML 5.

There are quite a few Javascript libraries around that are designed for easy animation as a well as a few WYSIWYG style editors that can create the whole code for you - you just act as “director”.

SEO always don’t recommend for the flash websites. It makes the site load slowly which makes the user to irritate and the content of the website also loads slowly.

As per my concern i suggest you to do not go for it as its really very hard for SEO. No Doubt its looks awesome but In the Flash site there only one URL which is not enough for us to promote our Website. Other than this there are many problem like Browser Compatibility, Flash based site needs flash player in the Web Browsers, its not user friendly. So do not go with Flash based site instead you may go for HTML based site.

The flash rendered contents are not readable by search engines so is not recommended. If you still want to use this for some reason then also create the equivalent SEO friendly version of your site or specific page.