Flash in Website

I have a client who has flash in its website according to me flash, videos and image are not readable for google but still many websites have flash.

So is there any con if I put that flash as it is on site?

Please help me guys.

Its true that flash based websites are not readable by Google and other search engines. But it doesn’t mean that there is no way to optimize these sites. To optimizing your webpage, first add meta title, description and keywords. Second, add alt tags to images. There is also an option to put the alt tags in H1, H2 and H3 tags to make your webpage more SEO friendly. I hope this will work for you.

You can put alt content inside the flash. When flash is unavailable this content shows. And google reads this as well.

Can you explain in detail. How to add alt content. Are you referring alt tag in hyperlinks?

SEO apart, there are several disadvantages in having Flash on a website.

Many users routinely block Flash (using browser add-ons such as FlashBlock). There also some platforms which don’t support it well, or even don’t support it at all. And there’s a growing feeling in the web design community that Flash has a limited future, given that many of its features are now supported natively in HTML5.

In general, I’d say there is no problem in having a Flash component on your site, provided it is not essential for the functioning of the site. What you should avoid doing is having a site built entirely on Flash. These are not only poor from the SEO point of view, but do not generally provide a good user experience.

Going back to your original question, it’s true that Google doesn’t index the contents of a Flash component. The solution is not to rely on the component for SEO purposes. Instead, make sure the text on the page is properly optimised for your keywords. In that respect, you should treat Flash pretty much the same as you would a static image.


Anyway If flash content can make by jquery or some lib based on js then you should change flash to it. I think its the best solution for future.

Like this http://www.websitecodetutorials.com/code/flash-&-music/embedding-flash.php

Yes, this is right that google don’t consider the flash, why it is not readable by google but after that we can improve the ranking by others efforts.

yes its true google don’t consider the flash but you can put alt content inside the flash. When flash is not in working condition this content appear and google reads it as well.

Just make sure you use the latest version of Flash.