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I just wanted to know this. Because as an starting SEO like me, I don’t have any idea on web developing, well as far as I my skill goes, I just know a bit of html text and some bit of programming scripts but overall, I don’t have any idea about it. I know there’s a free web platforms and any CMS webpages that you can just make a website (for example wordpress) by just drag and drop manner and and with featured plugins that can be easily use. So, here’s my question, is manual scripting/coding and web developing a necessary skill that an SEO might have, and what particular skill would it might be, cause I’m sure not all knowledge about webdeveloping is necessary to learn as it is a broad knowledge.

SEO is all about understanding the underlying HTML content. You can’t do SEO without understanding how a web page is set up. Read more about it here:

No! For SEO your just need to have knowledge about SEO, Internet & People!

I always find it best to go straight to the horse’s mouth.

Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines


You can find too many plugin where you can easily drag and drop the element and design your site. About SEO @TechnoBear suggest the best link, You can easily follow those.

Now a Day SEO is not just building link and share some thin content. You have to be perfect on links and content. and also web UI/UX is important.

Please note that this is not a general SEO topic, but a very specific question:

Please ensure you address that question.

If you want to become a seoer then you just need to learn seo. Web you can hire others to do. If not, then you can also make a web for yourself by self learning on google, it is easy, not difficult.

Become Seoer you need to know :
Understand the industry you are doing ( seo for what ? for who ?)
Optimize your website ( you can use addon SEO quake , and google pagespeed insight
Understand write conten standard SEO (read more)
and Understand Backlink ! :slight_smile:

You should know all about the meaning of main html tags: <article>, <header>, <section>, <h1> , etc
And where they must be used. When you see html structure, you should know, whether it a good in seo or not
what about the scripts, you should know how to use the popular libraries and scripts on pages and when it is unnecessary - in purpose of page speed
sometimes in google adwords and analytics there is important to write scripts, but it is a quite high level

Did you develop your website :thumbsup:

You don’t need to learn all scripting/coding language but you just need basic HTML/CSS knowledge for SEO. SEO doesn’t need to do change in scripts, they just need to add/modify title tag, description tag, heading tag, alt tag, hyperlink etc. Sometimes they need to change font style which can be done by learning basic CSS.

I’m curious as to why you think font style has any bearing on SEO.

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Manual scripting/coding and web developing are not necessary skill that an SEO should have. Basic HTML knowledge is only needed for SEO.

I think you are a new blogger. For your kind information i want to hear you that you need not to know html or other coding language if you use any CMS like Wordpress or other. There are many plugin that help you to do seo for your blog which build with Wordpress CMS or Any other CMS.

Font Style is not any bearing on SEO. But sometimes, you need to edit headings, hyperlink or any other text to make it more noticeable from other on the page. In this case, If you have knowledge of CSS then you can make those small changes easily

SEO is all about marketing your online business over the globe. It is a standard set of rules to follow that search bots can understand so that whenever a customer searches for your services, the search engines can fetch your site and give it to them. It builds authority and trust among your audience while helping your business/website to get visibility among hundreds and thousands of website out there on the internet and reach out to your niche audience.

You do not require hardcore programming knowledge to do SEO. You just have to know the basics of HTML, CSS. Today, many user-friendly sites like Wordpress have been popular among the non-technical people that lets you get started with just drag and drop feature! (as mentioned in your trivia)

All you need is a good marketing knowledge that will help you analyze the competition and work in direction for your business to succeed.

Hope this helps. All the Best!